Slickoat Ultralube™ Process Technical Data

Compostion - Modified Tungsten Disulfide (WS2)

Hardness - 1-1.5 Moh’s Scale

Appearance - Metallic silver-gray

Coefficient of Friction - Inclined plane technique 0.030 Maximum

Molecular Weight - 248.02

Adhesion - Mechanical: Molecular interlock

Carrier - Dry air—Binders and adhesives not used.

Cure Time - None. Applied at ambient room temperature.

Thickness - 1/2 a micron or less.

Density - 7.4 GMS per CC

Substrates - All solid metals, glass, fiberglass, rubber, porcelain, and most man-made solids.

Temperature Range - Lubricates from -350°F through 1000°F

Chemical Stability - Inert. Non-toxic. Corrosion resistant.

Corrosion Resistance - Minor delay of corrosion. Will not inhibit the corrosion of substrate material.

Lox Compatibility - Insensitive to detonation by, or in the presence of, liquid oxygen.

Load Capacity - Same as substrate to 350,000 psi.

Magnetism - Non-magnetic.

Vacuum Environment - 10-14 Torr.

Degradation - Will not cause distortive stress relief, additional stresses, or degradation to any surface

As a Substrate - Will accept most paints, some plating and is compatible with solvents, fuels, and oils.


Downloadable Technical Data Sheet