SlicKoat FAQs

Q - What is SlicKoat’s Ultralube™ process?

A - SlicKoat’s Ultralube process is tungsten disulfide WS2. Tungsten disulfide is a dry film lubricant.

Q - How thick is SlicKoat’s Ultralube™ coating?

A - 0.5 micron (.000020 inch) thick is the thickest the coating will lay. Tungsten disulfide doesn’t stack on top of itself.

Q - Is SlicKoat’s Ultralube™ a product I can buy and apply myself?

A - No, SlicKoat’s Ultralube™ process is a service we offer and is applied using our own specialty equipment.

Q - How is SlicKoat’s Ultralube™ process applied?

A - SlicKoat’s process consists of degreasing, etching, and the tungsten disulfide is impinged on the part. No adhesives or binders are used just dry air.

Q - What are the benefits of having SlicKoat process my parts with Ultralube™?

A - Ultralube™ will reduce friction, fretting, and corrosion and will also prevent galling and seizure.

Q - What materials can be coated with SlicKoat’s Ultralube process?

A - Metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic, glass, and most manmade solids.

Q - What is the temperature range in which SlicKoat performs?

A - SlicKoat will perform from -350ºF to in excess of 1,000ºF.

Q - What is the cure time of SlicKoat’s Ultralube™ process?

A - SlicKoat’s Ultralube™ process is applied at ambient room temperature so there is no cure time. After the part is processed with Ultralube™ it can be put to immediate use.

Q - What color is SlicKoat’s Ultralube?

A - Metallic silver grey appearance.

Q - What is the load capacity after a part has been processed with SlicKoat Ultralube™?

A - The same as the substrate up to 350,000 PSI.

Q - Will SlicKoat’s Ultralube™ wear off?

A - Ultralube™ will wear off if the substrate is wearing although, Ultralube™ will not crack, flake, or peel.

Q - What if I don’t want the whole part processed with SlicKoat’s Ultralube™?

A - SlicKoat can mask off any area big or small that doesn’t need coating.

Q - How much does it cost to have a part processed with SlicKoat Ultralube™?

A - There is no set price because a lot of factors are in play when giving an estimate although being a specialty coating it is on the affordable level.

Q - If I want to try SlicKoat’s Ultralube™ on a part, will you process samples?

A - Absolutely, SlicKoat will process small samples free of charge.

Q - Where is SlicKoat located?

A - 4705 S. 83rd E. Ave. in Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145.

Q - How do I contact SlicKoat?

A - SlicKoat can be reached via telephone at 918-663-5640 and by email at