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SlicKoat is a provider of a dry film lubricant process that can be used in virtually any situation where friction is a major cause of part or mechanical wear or failure. The SlicKoat Ultralube™ Process provides a more durable, long lasting lubricant that bonds to whatever material it is applied without changing the specifications or integrity of the part/piece in any way.

Where surface characteristics such as friction, resistance, wear and protection against galling and seizure are important, the Ultralube™ Process can be applied. The Process does nothing to change or alter the surface characteristics, while reducing friction, increasing productivity, inhibiting corrosion and reducing part replacement.

Some of the industries utilyzing the Ultralube™ Process include the aviation industry, oil field equipment, automotive parts, winch gears and splines, fasteners, rubber and plastic seals, bearings, machine tools and many more.

For more information, or to request a free sample* of the Ultralube™ Process on one of your parts, give us a call or download the form below to begin your request. We’ll be glad to speak with you about your project and how we can help.

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* To obtain a free sample the item to be treated must fit into a 5" square area or less. The test results will be provided on company stationary within 30 days. Please use the available order form whether for a job or a sample.